Juan Lopez-Bautista

There is a personal inner force and compulsion for me to paint, to doodle, to design shapes and use color as a way to free the energy and imagination within myself. I am examining the way that new discoveries in knowledge shape our human understanding. Where, due to limitations of the human eye, these discoveries will incite my vision into the creation of a world where a non-representational painting can inhabit. My recent work is based on numerous experiences as a visual learner, introspective, scientist, traveler, Hispanic and observer of people around me. My work is aiming to elicit an interaction between the viewer’s perception and the multiple layers of the painted surface.

My current images have evolved from translation of poems into new geometric interpretations of life. These images question the understanding of life and how the layers trade information and patterns, and mutate into new chimera-like meanings. I found influences in color and design from vintage scientific illustrations and other painters such as Diebenkorn, Scully, and Howard. By interpreting notions that cannot be revealed to the simple eye I challenge myself to create my own personal perceptions.