Juan Lopez-Bautista

My artwork explores the search for a Mexican-American self-identity. Having spent the first half of my life in Mexico and the other half in the United States of America I am the product of two different cultures. The journey that undertook to become a visual artist, as well as the personal and social challenges that I face as an immigrant, inform this exploration.

In my current work the pictorial elements, layers or matrices, interact to create networks or lattices in which biomorphic abstractions coalesce, segregate or transpose. I perceive these organic contours as metaphors for the many layers that conform our American culture and parallel the divide of our current reality. Strong amalgamation of layers makes a stronger society as opposed to negative spaces that create gaps weakening our society. Today I perceive the hollowness in the denial of the rights to societal elements such as race, genders, and ethnicities among others that conform our reality. These artworks aims to show that to survive and succeed our society must embrace all our foundations to create a cohesive matrix with stronger bonds and less hollow spaces.