Juan Lopez-Bautista

My works are influenced by science, travels, my cheerful positivism, the natural world, my addiction to visual consumerism and observation of people around me. Although inherently personal, they aim to engage with the viewer and offer a relational experience. I am interested in the discovery of a personal narrative by collecting references from both the real and the abstract realms. This exploration is informed by my personal journey and the struggles and challenges as an immigrant from a different culture of values and aims. Having spent half of my life in Mexico and the other half in the United States of America, I am the assemblage of two narratives.

My pictorial windows represent the key to understand the coalescence of my conscious and unconscious memories. By pursuing the juxtaposition of planes, inorganic with organic, nexus versus disjunctions, chaos next to direction, and progression against regression, I aim to decipher the codes of what I have become. Through this self-discovery investigation, I seek to understand my own identity, in order to answer the question of who I am.